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IYN: To Love a Monster by Basic-Hedgehog IYN: To Love a Monster by Basic-Hedgehog
Ace sat in the lonely hospital room. He was waiting for Amariel to come visit. He'd been there a few days now after his fight with Amariel's Prime counterpart, Veejay Hedgehog. The fight had been anyone's battle, but in the final moment Veejay landed a blow that nearly had killed him.

Amariel had him rushed to Dr. Kintobor's clinic where he had been brought directly into the emergency ward for his injuries. He had a small rubber ball in his hand, squeezing it to strengthen his hand muscle, and to relieve boredom.

Ace watched the door, waiting for his sister to arrive. Buns hadn't heard the news yet most likely, but when she did she'd be by to visit. He still hadn't confronted her about Sonic, he didn't feel he needed to, he knew why she did it, he wouldn't hold it against her.

He heard footsteps in the halls, two sets. The doorknob clicked and turned, the door opened slowly and Amariel stepped in,"Ace? Sweetie? Are you awake."

"I'm awake, sis." Ace replied, glad to see his sister.

Amariel stood aside,"I brought a couple visitors with me today."

Ace watched the doorway, Windimiere and young Jaybird came in, Windimiere carrying her in her arms. Ace's eyes went from one to the other. Surprise worked its way onto his face,"Hi again."

Jaybird smiled and slowly opened and closed her hand in a waving motion. Windimiere looked to Ace,"You two met?"

Ace nodded,"While I was on the stretcher."

Windimiere walked to the side of the bed and rested her hand on Ace's hand,"Amariel told you?"

Ace nodded. Windimiere looked at Jaybird and sat her down on the bed, Jaybird crawled over to Ace's lap and sat down. She traced the scars over Ace's eyes with her finger,"Y-y-y-yours are d-d-deep."

Ace smiled at the child, he put his finger to her markings and traced them with his finger,"Yours mean purity of the body and soul. You are the child of a angel of the church."

Jaybird smiled,"Y-y-you're my d-daddy." she put her hand to his face and ran it down fingers outstretched, palm resting to his forehead; a sign of affection. Jaybird rested against him, laying her head down on his chest and closed her eyes. She was asleep in minutes, Ace hugged her softly and smiled at the sleeping child. He was a father and this was the happiest moment of his life; to finally meet his daughter.

He kissed the top of her head. Windimiere smiled, so did Amariel. Windimiere moved in closer and hugged around Ace's neck. Ace smiled wide. Amariel moved to the other side of the bed and rubbed the top of Ace's head.

"I'm sorry little brother. I never meant to hurt you, I was stupid and selfish to deny you this."

Ace's grin told her more than words ever could. He never held it against her and never would, he was just glad to have this moment now. Amariel smiled, as much as this moment was for Ace it was also perhaps the happiest moment she'd had in years.


"Amariel, could you take Jay with you? I'd like to talk with Ace alone if I could?" Windimiere said, watching Ace and Jaybird. She was asleep, he was just watching her happily.

Amariel nodded,"Of course."

Amariel stood from the chair she sat in, moving to the bed side she scooped the small hogchild up in her arms. She smiled at her brother,"We'll just be down the hall brother."

Ace looked at Windimiere and then at Amariel,"Okay."

Amariel left the room, closing the door gently behind her. Windimiere sat at the side of Ace's bed, she looked down and licked her lips, they were dry. She looked at him and tried to force a smile,"Hi, handsome."

Ace's hand went to her cheek and rested there. He smiled apologetically,"How'd I miss you getting bigger with her?"

Windimiere rested her hand over his and leaned into his hand,"A habit's easy to hide under." she paused, a look of sadness on her face,"I'm so sorry, Ace. I was so scared, we were so young. I wasn't even sure Jaybird was going to live. I was twelve."

"WE were twelve.." Ace corrected, rubbing her cheek with his thumb,"I loved you, I would have done what's right."

Ace's grin was reassuring, that big toothy bear trap grin, she loved that grin. Despite the ferocity it held in appearance, it was the thing that warmed her heart the most when he smiled.

Windimiere rested her other hand on his cheek,"A day hasn't gone by I wish I couldn't take it back and go back to how things were."

Ace looked at her hand, then to her eyes, his heart pounded in his chest. His eyes lowered,"Windimiere...I...I can't." he turned his head away,"I'm with Buns now."

Windimiere was crestfallen,"You know she's with Sonic when she's not with you."

Ace looked back to her,"Its hard enough to say no to you as it is. But Buns is like you, she doesn't judge me for my appearance. She likes my antics. I shouldn't do this."

Windimiere closed her eyes,"But you want to."

Ace sighed. Yes, God yes, he wanted to. Windimiere closed the distance and kissed him, her hand moved to his shoulder and slowly moved him down onto his back, his arms hugged around her waist and pulled her over him.

Ace broke the kiss,"Windimiere?"

Windimiere's hand moved to her habit, pulling at the drawstring at her neck and undoing the knot,"I've missed you horribly Ace. At least allow me tonight."

Ace moved back into the kiss. He wouldn't deny her or himself what they both wanted. He'd feel bad later, right now all he wanted was her.


Ace was staring up at the ceiling, the moment of passion was over. The sleeping Windimiere nestled into his side, her head resting upon his chest held tightly in his arms. He didn't know what to think about what he'd just done. He was confused; happy, but conflicted inside. He was no better than Buns now. He looked at Windimiere as she slept and his heart beat harder in his chest, she was as adorable as the last time they had met as lovers. He kissed Windimiere above her eyebrow, she smiled in her sleep.

"What do I feel worse about? Knowing I did that when I'm with Buns? Or feeling like I just took advantage of you?"

Windimiere nestled into him more, and mumbled something unintelligible. He smiled and brushed her bangs from her eyes. Ace frowned, he needed some time to think, but he didn't want to leave her side. He couldn't have both, and decided to go to the roof.

Ace slowly slid out from underneath her and he went to a drawer and pulled his pants out from the top drawer, he opened the window to his room; The top floor of a three floor hospital. He climbed onto the roof and sat down. The night air was cool, refreshing. He needed time to think. What was he going to do now? He had gone to the point of no return. What could he do? What would he do? Buns was cheating on him, but she was who he was with, and Windimiere didn't deserve this either. Ace clutched his head, he was in it deep now and it was his own fault.

A rustle and creak came from behind him as a familiar form sat down on the roof next to him, Ace didn't look, only spoke,"Hello, me."

Base Hedgehog sat next to his Moebius counterpart, he looked into Ace's eyes,"Guess its my turn to play therapy huh?"

"You're not gonna threaten to blow up the church are you?" Ace joked.

"No, I tend to talk to people about their problems." Base said and cracked his neck.

Ace punched him in the arm,"What'd I say 'bout getting soft on me?"

Base lay back on the roof top and looked up at the stars,"I'm not. I'm just returning the favor. What's on your mind?"

Ace sighed, he felt tired,"The story is long."

"I've got all night."

"I'm with Buns, but I was with Windimiere first. Windimiere got pregnant, but she hid it from me. Now I'm with Buns, but when she's with her gang Sonic makes her pay rent by fuckin' with him, not enough he has Alicia fer that. Now Windimiere wants me back, but I'm with Buns! Windimiere doesn't deserve to be in a love triangle, and I can't just dump Buns cause she wants me back. I dunno what to do, me."

Base's eyes widened, he looked to Ace,"If Buns is cheating on you, why not leave her for the one who isn't? Its kinda common sense. Its obvious Windimiere's love for you is unconditional, she seems just happy to have you at all. Where's the big problem?"

Ace looked to Base,"I love them both. I gave in so quickly to Windimiere. I put up an argument, but not much of one. She just pushed me down and I hiked up her habit and-"

"Yeah, end, right there." Base sighed and closed his eyes,"I can sympathize. Ever since I got back from Knothole, Windy and I have been...unfriendly with each other. Back in Cyber City I started to fall for her. I wanted her, I wanted her, badly. But now, she won't even talk to me, I keep trying but she keeps claiming she's busy, or has no time. The worst part of it all, Ace, is that if Bunnie showed up again? All those old feelings for her would resurface in an instant, and my whole world would turn upside down. I still love Bunnie, I'm always going to, but I have to move on. That's why I'm still trying to get Windy to talk to me. I love her too, and I don't want to lose another girl to my own stupidity."

Ace looked at Base,"If Bunnie popped up in Downunda cause her and Ant were finished, you mean? How much fight would you put up against her advances?"

Base opened his eyes again,"I don't know. I'd try but I just don't know. Emotions are no easier to control than your own thoughts. No matter how much you know you shouldn't love someone, because its wrong, cause they're taken, or they don't love you back, or something. It can't be helped."

Ace stood up,"You're right, and you know what? I've made my decision." his arm pointing to the sky to accent his point.

Base looked up at Ace,"Just like that? That was quick."

Ace nodded, his arm falling back to his side, his other hand rested on his hip,"It ain't moral, but I've never been good at being moral."

Base looked at him,"So what's the decision?"

Ace looked down at Base with his trademark grin,"I'm staying with Buns. But I'm not going to deny Windimiere anything she wants."

Base sighed,"That's going to come back at you, y'know. That's got to be the stupidest thing I've heard. You're going to juggle two women? Are you insane? Actually, never mind, you are."

Ace looked at Base,"Buns is cheating on me, I miss Windy, and I have a daughter to help raise. This works for everyone involved."

Base looked at Ace, he stood up,"Do what you want, as long as you're taking responsibility for the kid, I guess."

Ace smirked,"You know as well as I do I've always wanted to be a father. You do too. Hell I bet if Windy came onto you as strong as mine did you'dda knocked-"

Base's cheeks colored,"Shut up, right there, and fuck you very much."

Ace climbed back down to his window,"Thanks for the talk me, its been good chatting."

Ace closed the window behind him, turning around he saw Windimiere was sitting up in the bed, she looked at him sadly. Ace walked over to the bed,"What's wrong?"

Windimiere bit her lip,"...Buns came by. She saw me. She looked very upset."


Buns threw open the door to the hideout of Sonic's gang in the old arcade, she looked sick. She just walked in past everyone else, she plopped herself down on an old sofa at the end of the room.

Alicia sat on the couch, clipping her nails, she looked at Buns,"You look like hell, bitch."

Buns slumped on the couch,"Fuck ya Allie. This's mah own fault."

"What is?" Alicia stopped clipping her nails and turned her attention to Buns.

Buns put her face in her hands,"After all Ace has done for me, Ah kept letting Sonic stick it t'me. Ah shouldda just told'm to fuck off."

"What's your fault?" Alicia was losing patience, she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ace went back t'his old girl." Buns lip trembled,"Ah went t'visit him at th'hospital an' she answers the door wearin' nothing but a sheet and th'fur on her back!"

Alicia put a hand on Buns' shoulder,"Well he was a feral freak anyway, you're better off."

Buns looked at Alicia and closed her eyes in an irritated fashion,"He treated me good. He treated me like Ah was worth a damn. Better'n Sonic does, that's why this's mah fault. Ah should've been loyal!"

Alicia tilted her head to the side,"I don't know what to tell you, girl. You should've expected as much, he's practically a wild animal. He's probably gone after every female in the church."

Buns got up, she felt sick, she ran to the bathroom. She dropped to her knees over the toilet, and felt her lunch come up. She whimpered and cried, the toilet echoing her noises back at her. She felt a pair of hands rest on her shoulders.

"'Sup, babe?"

It was Sonic. She wanted to turn around and blame Sonic for this, to blame him, strangle him. But that wouldn't win Ace back. Buns' shoulders sagged,"Nothin' you need t'worry about."

She could feel his breath in her ear, he was closer,"It's the feral snot." it wasn't a question,"You've been fucking around on me on the side." his grip tightened. Buns winced.

His grip eased,"You're either pregnant or something bad happened. Either way, you fucking deserve it you slut."

She got up to face him, in a blur she felt his hand across her face, she stumbled to the side and her face connected with the bathroom wall. Her hand went to the rapidly forming bruise instinctively.

"Y'ain't no man compared with him. Yer a joke!" Buns cried.

Sonic craned his neck to the side,"So who are you crying over then? I heard you talking with Alicia. He's sticking it to a nun behind your back. So get back at him. Hurt him, make him suffer."

Buns looked horrified,"Ah couldn't...not to Ace. He loves me! There...there has to be more Ah don't know!"

"Apparently he loves the nun too then. Know what, bitch? If you can't bring yourself to hurt him, hurt someone close to him, someone that would affect him." Sonic grinned,"He's got a Prime counterpart he's keeping tabs on, don't he? Tries keeping the pressure from crushing him? Introduce a bit more pressure. Afterall, that's what you know how to do."

Sonic turned and walked out of the room, snapping his fingers and pointing to his room while looking at Alicia.

Buns watched Alicia get up and follow after him, Buns cried a little more. Base wasn't Ace, hurting him would be easier to do. She'd get the satisfaction of revenge without actually having hurt Ace. This could would out well.

To Be Continued...


This' been a long time being written, the drawing above for it is so sub par it hurts, but its the best I've been able to do.

This is a continuation to the In Your Name arc, and the last story I'll be writing based around Prime and Anti for a while.

So, here we see shit's gonna get real bad real quick.

Mostly, the reason I wrote this was to show that Base and Ace are still fallible, they've got flaws, they're not perfect.

Despite me trying to do that with any story I write, I always worry I haven't managed to stress that point just yet.

I'm very tired right now, going sleep.

Base, Ace, Jaybird (c) Me.

Amariel, Windimiere (c) :icondangerousradical:

Others are (c) Archie and SEGA.

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i8cherrypie Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Aw, what a wonderful story. I like Base's whole "therapist" session with Ace. Amazing how those two can get along so well dispite they're opposites.
Oh, oh. I don't like the sound of Buns's plan against Base.
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
Shit gon' happun!D:
zippymax Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
All this needs now is some color!
Songal Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
Ahhh so much love and swears and drama, YOU'RE BACK!!
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
XD Wow, that's uhm...yeah I guess so.
Songal Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011
You're welcome! XPP
Sagayami Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
bravo! great!
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Thank you. :3
Colonel-Eviscerator Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Wait..wait...Ace got Bunnie pregnant too..and is going to do something to hurt Base.. will they know for certain who the father is then?
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
No, she's not, she's so upset its made her sick. Scourge is just rubbing dirt in the wound. Like you ever had something upset you so much you had to puke because your nerves were going haywire? Like that.

Of course, women also vomitt during morning sickness, and Scourge is a dick.

She's going to take it out on Base because while Base is technically the same person as Ace, its not.

Its like punching a twin.
Colonel-Eviscerator Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
The only twins I know are my testicles, one hurts as much as the other when punched.
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Really? Try a few more times. Its all trial and error really.
DangerousRadical Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It ain't gonna turn out as well as Buns hoped...not if Vee-Jay's got anything to do with it. She may be recovering from her brush with Ace, but if Buns goes anywhere near Base...she's dead. Vee-Jay hasn't yet been pushed to kill (well, as far as Base knows...for now...), but Buns might very well be the second one to see just how far you can push the woman before things take a VERY ugly turn for the worst. It may actually help to tie things in the DSFF primary universe at the moment too...

And since I've been so stressed with work and bills, this is just enough leverage to show a very different side to the Hedgehog female Base knows and probably loves perhaps a bit too much for his own good. I'll eventually get back to the ENDGAME arc, not liking how it's going atm, so do bear with me on that. Besides, it's about time Windimiere and Vee-Jay had a bit of a chat together themselves. Apart from Antony, Windy knows a bit more than either the cat or Base does about who Vee-Jay really is.

Also, much ado about Windi and Ace, I love it so much, you got her reverse counterpart downpat, and little Jay is just freakin' adorable. And more layers of Ace surface and I couldn't be happier to see them peeled back. I love the multi-dimensions of your characters, big bro. SO inspiring and SO much a thrill to read about them :heart:

Sleep well and I'll see what I can do about continuing this for you <3<3<3
Basic-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Most certainly not, but there are drops hints in there about how she's going to go about it. "Bunnie" showing back up and trying to get Base back would certainly send things for a spin. That's one of the things the comics did I thought was neat, having the antis play evil twin. That'd help her get under Veejay's "Something's fucking wrong right now" radar, at least for a while. The sudden rival for Base's affections would get windy going as well, while she's still trying to recover from the CC incident and still trying to get over her guilt that Base ended up taking those hits for her, the sudden change in the rules is probably going to result in her taking her doctor's oath, tossing it out the window along with Buns.

A good fistfight is fun.

Venting is good, glad this gives you something to aim and fire at. Its fine, sis, I know you're life's stressful and full of factors at the moment, writing takes time, so does drawing, there's no rush sis, take your time.

Well, its all about character developement. Of course this whole situation is going to beg the question how this will all end. Will Ace have to choose? Will he not have to? The end is so far away and so many answers yet to hear.

Ace is like an onion, not only does he have layers but I think he might have skipped a shower or two.

Glad you still enjoy the stories sis, hopefully when the Militant Dimension gets off the ground I do as well.

Thanks sis, looking forward to that as always. :3
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